concerned citizens
Indian River County, Florida

It has come to the attention of many that we, (Indian River County, later referred to as IRC ) recycles less than other neighboring counties in our state of Florida.

We are asking the Solid Waste Disposal District to investigate and secure a working relationship with a company that will take more than plastics # 1 & 2.

Our community wants to be able to recycle plastics #3, #4, #5, #6 and #7 in our curbside recycling at our residences. If this is not workable due to our already purchased recycling trucks, then we would want the SWDD to set up containers at the "transfer stations" here in IRC.

We would also like to see more receptacles for cardboard recycling available to the general public.

Our last request in this petition is for IRC to develop and offer more of an incentive to businesses and multi-dwelling residents to recyle at large.

WE, the undersigned, call on the County of Indian River of the state of Florida to research and obtain a working contract with a company to increase curbside recycling of plastics to include more than the current status of #1 and #2.

We also ask for IRCSWDD to incorporate cardboard recycling curbside.

Finally, we the undersigned ask for an effort and a plan that willencourage not deter businesses and multi dwelling complexes to recycle their recoverables as well.

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