#Human Rights

FOR THE 600 BODIES DISCOVERED IN MINE SHAFTS OF ZIMBABWE RECENTLY, WE WISH forensic expertise to enable adequate identification, determination of cause of death and criminal investigations.

If Zimbabwe government does not have the capacity to undertake these exhumations properly, it must ask for international co-operation and assistance to ensure that forensic experts can undertake the exhumations.

The Zimbabwe Exile Government demands that the exhumations of recently discovered bodies be done by pathologists, with a view to determining the identities.

Families of the victims expect the bodies to be identified and to be given decent burials in line with traditional and religious practice.

These bodies cannot simply be consigned to history without proper forensic tests to determine who they are and how and why they died, and this will be possible if the Government of Zimbabwe takes an upper hand, NOT WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO HIDE THE TRUTH.

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