Waterloo Catholic Distrcit Schoolboard Board Members

Exams are something that take place at the end of every semester, to cap off a five-month period of constant projects, tests and assignments. They are also something every student despises. Imagine a new system, where by performing well during the semester, you could be exempt from writing an exam, and the countless number of hours spent studying for them.

An exemption means that if you achieve an 80% average in a class, then you will not be required to write the exam for that class. An exemption system is not an excuse to get off writing exams. An exemption system promotes being on time, hard work, and consistency, which are all values that are extremely valuable in the workplace, college or university. The current system allows students to not hand in work on time, but hand it in almost four months later, and not be docked any marks because of it. Once you are past high school, this kind of idea is never seen. In college or university you would fail the assignment, and in a job, not being there on time would eventually result in being fired. The school boards current system does not prepare students for whichever path they are taking in life, whether it is the workplace, college or university.

The exemption system is one that all students will benefit from. First, a higher attendance will be seen in classes, because attendance is the first step towards receiving a better mark. In addition, a greater percentage of students will then hand projects in on time, and be more prepared for tests. Finally, an exemption system would result in more students putting school at a higher priority in their lives. This would mean that even if you did not meet the 80% average in a class, your mark would still go up by a significant amount. An exemption system is one that everyone can gain something from.

One thing that people may say is a negative about the exemption system is that this may not prepare students for exams in university or college. Realistically however, in the WCDSB, exams are only one period (76 minutes) long. This is the average length of a normal unit test, which makes the exam no different then a normal test. Also, if a student can maintain an average over 80% then they usually already posses the skills needed to properly study for tests.

If you would enjoy an exemption system then signing this online petition is the first step towards having an exemption system enforced. Please sign this petition only if you are attending a secondary school in the Waterloo Catholic District School Board which includes the following schools: Monsignor Doyle, Resurrection, St. Benedict, St. David, St. Mary’s and St. Louis Adult and Continuing Education. Please include your real information, as only valid signatures will be counted.

Any questions about the exemption system can be voiced by emailing ExemptionWCDSB@gmail.com or through Facebook by searching Exemption WCDSB.

We, the undersigned, call on the board members of the Waterloo Catholic District School Board to enforce an exam exemption system.

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