#Animal Welfare
Erie County District Attorney
United States of America

Hi my name is Mrs. Bellotti. Recently in Erie county PA there was a very cruel incident involving heavy abuse to an innocent kitten. This horrific act was done by CHILDREN!

As of now there is no charges pending. I feel that these children AND their parents should be held accountable for this horrific CRIME!

I was just informed that Wyatt has not recovered. THEY KILLED THIS INNOCENT KITTEN! now we really need to get signatures... so ppl please sign this and SHARE SHARE SHARE!

Wyatt will rly appreciate the voice that we are giving him! Don't let this go unpunished! Children in the 1800 block of Buffalo Rd, Erie Pa tortured and abused this kitten by repeatedly kicking and throwing him high in the air, letting him hit the ground.

But the injuries he sustained at the hands of a group of juveniles proved to be too much. On Thursday, he died from a brain injury, spinal injury and a punctured lung.

This is unacceptable! Let's do something!

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Erie law enforcement and District Attorney's office to conduct a full investigation concerning the abuse of Wyatt the innocent kitten, and We demand prosecution against all involved including the 'parents and guardians' of the minor children.

Please find it in your heart of hearts to find an appropriate punishment for this crime.

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