Dr. Chitalu Chilufya - Minister of Health, Government of the Repulic of Zambia

We have an interesting case at UTH involving a young student by the name of Shalom Chilombo aged 27, studying software engineering at DMI St Eugene University. who apparently has undergone three backbone operations because he has a cyst in the spine but the doctors have failed to cure him .

He's been in UTH for the past 7months in ward C 21 bed 30. The sad thing about this story is that yesterday the doctors had a meeting with family members and told them that there's nothing they can do save to get the boy back home in Kasama because UTH DOCTORS have failed. As we speak right now the patient has been discharged from UTH but the family members don't even know how they will take him to Kasama because the young man can't even sit

I still have alot of unanswered question as to why the doctors couldn't have recommended for him to be evacuated abroad for medical treatment? Let's assume the family members take him to Kasama what should they do with a bedrindern patient who can't sit nor walk?

Lastly, at least let the government assist by providing transport as the only means to take him to Kasama is by air if they can't evacuate him for medical treatment abroad.

Please get in touch with family members who are apparently stranded at UTH as at now but please don't mention my name should you wish to publish this. You can contact the mother (Mrs Chilombo) on 0977208481 for more details


Concerned Zambian Citizen

Fellow citizens kindly take time to sign this partition to compel Dr. Chitalu Chilufya, Ministry of Health and the Zambian government at large to send Shalom Chilombo for Specialist treatment abroad. Everyone has the right to the best possible health available. Take the stand today.

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