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As in the past we used to have a Backstreet Boys fanclub in Europe, but as these days today, we have none. Except for the Weird World american Backstreet Boys fanclub. Which, us, European fans have to pay more to become a member and we don't have as many possibilities as the US fans have, and this is to show that we want back an European Backstreet Boys Fanclub.

They started in Europe in 1995 and I know there are many of you that want to have an European Fanclub again. Together we are one. We deserve as much as the US fans.

Dear Johnny, please help us out and make this Fanclub become reality, but we need your permission to start an Official European Backstreet Boys fanclub. We do whatever it takes to get there, and we are looking forward to get together and make it big. Thank you.

Dear Backstreeters out there. We know we all want our own Backstreet Boys Fanclub in Europe again and we have the right to.

Please sign this petition and let Johnny know, we all stick together with this. Sign our petition and we will get this back to Wright Entertainment, but we need YOUR HELP to sign. Help us.

Thanks a million. Together we are strong and remember Keep the Backstreet Pride Alive !!!!

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