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As the history of Europe had many hard times, while it definitely was built on wars, genozides and many deaths, the decision to choose "Freude schoener Goetterfunke" as the official anthem was no bad idea, but time is going on and it's too conservative just to use a classcial track as the national anthem... because it's classcial. We have to be opened, also in case of our presantation, therefor I'd claim that the track "Europa" by the band "Globus", which is based on the trailer music company "Immediate Music" as the official - or at least - the alternate national anthem of the European Union, because this tracks tells arrestingly the history of our country - Europe.

In case you don't know the song, search on YouTube or any other music and video sharing website for "Europe [track title] - Globus [band name]"

We, the members of the European Union, claim, that the track "Europa" by the band "Globus" will be the official, or at least, the alternate national anthem of the European Union.

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