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Most of us have heard this phrase used from one Presidency to the next. It did not matter which party was controlling the White House. If the words "Ethics Reform" were used, we all pretty much understood what was meant by it, until now. We have a President sitting in office that has allowed an "Ethics Waiver" for his growing army of "advisers". This is alarming.

We should question the use of the word "advisor" and should also try not to use the word "czar" either. These people are an extension of the President. We have no guarantees that any President would not pursue his/her personal ambitions through these minions to do his/her bidding without said President having to get his/her hands "dirty". We should also be concerned that any President could have so many of these "advisers" in such powerful positions without a true vetting or approval processes. Irregardless of whether or not we should allow these "advisers" is the problem of accountability.

We need legislation introduced that would address this issue of ethical accountability and outlaw the use of any legal maneuver such as this "Ethics Waiver" for any persons involved with the Federal government. This should include elected officials, Federal employees, "Advisers", contractors, AND Czars!

We, the undersigned, call on the U.S. Congress to introduce legislation prohibiting the use of Ethics Waivers in all branches of government. This should include elected officials, Federal employees, Advisers, appointees, and contractors.

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