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The Congress of the United States of America past legislation in 1942 that limited the Office of the President to two terms. This tradition has been passed on to each president through the years.

The purpose of the law was to limit the power of the president in such a way as to not allow what is commonly know as a dictator or monarchy to develop. It is time to pass that legislation on to our Congressional members.

It has become very relevant that those in power for extended periods of time accumulate a great deal of power and pull to the point that it has been used to sway elected officials votes on matters directly concerning the people of the United States and the will of said same.

We the undersigned, call on the elected members of the United States Congress (both Senate and House of Representatives) to establish and pass a bill that requires the members of Congress to be held to a two term post.

This law was passed by Congress in 1942 for the President and we, the undersigned, believe it is time for Congress to stop making their positions in Congress a life long position. Too much power corrupts, and this is becoming more and more evident every day.

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