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In the City of Oceanside and surrounding North San Diego County community, a huge population exists of wage earning, business-owning, tax-paying homeowners looking for equality in the recreation venue with their pets and families. In fact, dogs are considered in America to be "one of the family" and deserving to spend recreational time with their owners. A few hours at the beach are typical recreational activities, which Oceanside and North County residents want to enjoy with their families, friends and pets.

In addition, the baby-boomer generation will begin retirement in the near future and subsequently will be planning to travel. California is a high-tourist a destination, in particular for outdoors recreation. Pet-friendly locations will be at the top of the list.

In the past 10 years, pet spending has more than doubled and is expected to hit over $50 billion by the end of the decade.
- The Pet Industry is the 7th largest retail segment in the U.S.
- 74 million dogs in the U.S. and over 99,800 in North San Diego County.
- The amount spent on pet food, accessories, veterinarian care, OTC medications, gifts and maintenance in the U.S. is more than the gross domestic product of all but 64 countries in the world!

A dog-friendly City of Oceanside will secure that those additional tourists dollars are spent here when planning vacations with pets and families.

Based upon pet population in the City of Oceanside and North San Diego County, a proportional amount of "dog friendly" zones along beaches and parks should be reserved. By implementing this extremely simple and inexpensive strategy, discrimination against pets and their owners will end, and the city will benefit from increased revenue (from parking, hotel occupancy, retail and restaurant spending).

We thank the City Council for recognizing the need to amend the current city ordinances by dedicating an off-leash "dog zone" at the mouth of the San Luis Rey River in the City of Oceanside.

We the undersigned have one goal - to establish and maintain an off-leash "Dog Beach" in the city of Oceanside at the mouth of the San Luis Rey River.

FODB is a VOLUNTEER group of dedicated dog owners, their friends and supporters who are wage earning, business-owning, tax-paying homeowners looking for equality in the recreation venue. It is our belief that we should be allowed a place to recreate with our licensed dogs on the beach.

The City of Oceanside, California maintains over 40 community attractions. Just as the soccer players, tennis buffs, golfers, softball players or in-line hockey skaters have areas maintained by the city, the forty-thousand (estimated) dog owners of Oceanside who pay taxes as well as license fees, should be able to have an area that they too can enjoy.

We feel that a dog beach will enrich the overall quality of life in our community as well as benefit the local economy. Our volunteers will offer their time and energy to keep the beach a clean and safe place for dogs and dog lovers to interact.

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