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Nick Xenophon. Malcolm Turnbull. Bill Shorten

In the past five years there has been a plethora of examples of 'dodgy' dealings involving individual federal politicians from both sides and from political parties.

The shameful excesses in politicians expenses and the bending of donation rules has left the Australian public demanding a mechanism to properly investigate exactly what is going on. Donations from foreign governments directly to politicians and examples of political appointments to prime government jobs need to be properly investigated.

Deals done in favor of donors to one party or the other. Media bias in important decisions about future contracts and policy.

Recognized at the State level as an important pillar of holding politicians and public official accountable for their actions, there should be a similar commission at the federal level. It is in the public interest.

We the undersigned call on the Government to immediately introduce THE FEDERAL INDEPENDENT COMMISSION AGAINST CORRUPTION ACT 2016 (FICAC).

The FICAC aims to protect the public interest, prevent breaches of public trust and guide the conduct of public officials. The FICAC deals with corrupt conduct involving or affecting most of the Federal Government public sector, including federal government agencies, federal government authorities, federal government political parties and federal members of Parliament.

The FICAC receives and analyses complaints from members of the public and public officials, and reports made by the principal officers of public sector organisations. The Australian Electoral Commission may also refer certain possible criminal offences under election funding, election or lobbying laws for investigation by the FICAC.

The FICAC has extensive powers of investigation and may conduct public inquiries for the purposes of its investigations. The FICAC also conducts research to identify specific areas of corruption risk. The FICAC works to minimise corruption and promote the integrity and good repute of public administration by providing advice, information, resources and training to federal public sector organisations to remedy existing or potential corruption problems, and helps organisations to identify and deal with significant corruption risks. The FICAC also educates the Australian community and public sector about corruption and its effects.

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