United States of America and countries where American soldiers are deployed and stationed

Preamble: Whereas there is a trend of increasing suicide rates and related disappearances among Veterans defined as active duty military, Veterans of all eras, battlefield contractors, and first responders (to include law enforcement officers [LEO], firefighters and emergency medical personnel); an urgent need exists to provide skilled personnel and resources to reverse this trend.

At this time, no extra funding is being requested other than that making of this law and resources made more readily available and more effective than what is currently in place.

We, the undersigned, request and pray for Erik Jorgensen's Law to be adopted into Federal Legislation and each 50 State Legislation of the United States Of America.

This petition is to cross-serve as a petition to each of the 50 states of the United States Of America.

This act to be cited as: “Erik Jorgensen's Law”

SECTION 1: County Veteran Liaison: There shall be one (1) Veteran Liaison Officer (VLO) who is responsible for assisting the Veteran in receiving a court hearing when and where available, acting as the Veterans Court Advocate and to include any resources needed and indicted criminal charges the Veteran may face after hearing when and where available.

SECTION 2: Law Enforcement Officer Training. All LEOs shall receive training in Crisis Intervention, Hostage Negotiations and specialized procedures when interacting with Veterans.

SECTION 3: Veteran Alert System: There shall be established a specialized alert system to be utilized by the VLO in urgent cases of missing or injured Veterans.

SECTION 4: Missing Veteran Alert: There shall be a heightened Be on the look out (BOLO) and an Attempt to locate (ATL) issued to LEOs not later than 24 hours after an urgent report to the VLO of a Missing Veteran.

SECTION 5: Search and Rescue Teams: There shall be specialized search and rescue (S&R) teams comprised of S&R trained Veterans available for boots on the ground when summoned by the VLO.

SECTION 7: Veterans' Court. There shall be specialized Veterans' Court procedures and locations where Veterans can be processed and heard by their peers.

SECTION 8: This bill shall go into effect July 1st or 31 days after passage, whichever comes 1st.

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