#Human Rights
PM Harper and the Conservative Government

In the mid 90's the Federal Government of the day cancelled the National housing program Canada used to have, this decision created the housing and homeless crisis we now have to deal with and none of our federal Government to date have been dealing with this issue properly.

As a result the crisis has been growing at a steady pace and many of our most vulnerable have died because of it.

As well the poverty crisis in Canda has been growing at an alarming rate due to cut backs at both the both the Provincial and federal levels over the past several years.

To: The house of Commons of Canada.

We: The undersigned residents of Canada, recognize that our country has been in a very serious crisis when it comes to poverty and homelessness for several years, we also recognize that it is not getting better.

We: Request that the Federal Government take immediate action to address these issues and work with their Provincial counter part and Mayors towards putting an end to what we call a crisis that has gone out of hand and need to be dealt with now.

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