Minister of Information,Communication and Technology Mr.Harin Fernando
Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is in the midst of great developments, with an emerging sky line coming up in Colombo, and many foreign investments coming through.

This is the Global Age of digitization and has excellent IT infrastructure with 3 Submarine Cables covering the Country with Super Fast Internet connectivity and good fibre to home solutions.

Sri Lanka Is Placed No.1 in the present IT Infrastructure in South Asia and just behind Singapore in Asia. In this age of digitization one shall consider having limitations in terms of bandwidth an embarrassment with such good infrastructure, and the government's plan of implementing the public of the most remote parts of the island to be using internet connectivity in requirements of work and play.

So therefore we request the Ministry to take heed into this matter and find an amicable solution in Eradicating Fair Usage Policy (FUP) for Internet Services. The benefits of eradicating the FUP are many, but to name a few would be unlimited connectivity will guide people to explore new opportunities in business which in turn would increase trade, also Institutions would be able to Use Cloud services without any bandwidth issues through which they will be able to secure there CCTV Data to online cloud servers which would increase national security and would be able to use data dumping for their data stored in Local Physical Servers.

We the people of Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankans residing overseas call on to the minister Harin Fernando and the telecommunications regulatory corporation to find an amicable solution in eradicating fair usage policy for internet services, in line with the government's policy of digitization.

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