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Lancaster County Parks, Lancaster County Commissioners
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The Lancaster County Park System has provided local equestrians with a safe, well maintained natural environment.

Proposed changes to park rules will threaten the true benefits that have been enjoyed for many years. Our parks are for the general public and many individuals enjoy that privilege.

Equestrians are an active group and while they may enjoy the Park System from the back of a horse, these are also individuals that hike, walk their dogs and support Park programs. Equestrians are conscious of nature and true loyalists when it comes to preserving and caring for our environment.

That being said, we find that the proposed rule will threaten one of the ways in which we enjoy our Parks. We find this proposed rule to be unacceptable to equestrians. Removing horse manure is not as simple as scooping dog excrement.

The simple act of dismounting/mounting becomes a safety issue for rider and the act of "carrying out" manure is not possible while riding. Also, horse manure, unlike dog excrement, is an excellent fertilizer and completely biodegradable.

The Equestrian community would propose that a delegation of members work directly with the Parks Department and Commissioners to provide a solution that keeps the trails acceptable for all individuals enjoying the natural environment.

We, the undersigned, call on the Lancaster County Commissioners to re-evaluate the rule regarding removing of horse manure by equestrians utilizing the County Park system, and to work with the equestrian community to come up with a plan that would be agreeable to both parties.

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