Equestrian Australia (EA)

For years breeders have had their prefix/suffix changed/dropped when their horses have been EA registered.

The prefix/suffix is an integral part of the horses name as it indicates by whom the horse is bred. For breeders it is the primary marketing tool. To have this removed or not recognised by Equestrian Australia (EA) is blatantly ignoring our rights as breeders.

Without us breeders the riders will not have any horses to compete on. We need each other to 'make it' in this highly competitive equestrian world. The horses name inclusive of the prefix/suffix is instant recognition wherever the horse goes.

The EA should be supportive of the Australian breeders efforts and sacrifices and have the decency to honour the breeders brand, which is its prefix/suffix.

We, the undersigned, call on the EA (Equestrian Australia) to stop allowing the breeders prefix/suffix to be dropped/changed.

By allowing the name change EA shows disrespect to the people who are some of the biggest investors of the equestrian industry. Investing years in time, money, research and knowledge to breed the horses that ultimately represent Australia Internationally.

The EA should be honouring and acknowledging the breeders of Australia by accepting the names given when the horse was born, inclusive of the prefix/suffix.

Whether you are a breeder, a rider, a horse owner or in any way involved, you are all aware of the importance of 'branding'. A prefix or suffix is the breeder's 'brand'. This 'brand' should never be allowed to be removed.

Many in the equestrian world are not aware how often this name changing and removing of breeders' prefix and or suffix is happening. Sadly it is and this petition is one way to be a united voice across all breeds and disciplines with horses registered with EA.

Breeders have little to no recognition in Australia, and the prefix/suffix is the most important way of getting this.

We urge the EA to make a ruling that a prefix or suffix stays with the horse for life.

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