#Students' Rights
Rick Astley

This is a petition for each class in a batch to submit a school task/homework, project, performance task, etc. during the same week, so that it's fair with the other classes. Ex. A class has to present their monologue during the week, yet some other classrooms have started in writing their script and will present next year. As you can see this is outrageous and unfair for the students who have to cram, procrastinate, stress, etc. and the other students in other classes to have started on something.

If you will be signing this petition, it will make student rights more known to the school, teachers and etc. It is to help the whole batch to keep their insanity level to sane.


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The Equal Time Submission In Each Batch Class For School Task petition to Rick Astley was written by Kathryn Clarkson and is in the category Students' Rights at GoPetition.

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