#Human Rights
San Franciscans
United States of America

I support, encourage and applaud San Francisco’s effort to end homelessness. 
As a citizen of San Francisco, I acknowledge that we have a population of people living without a stable home in the city and that we need to come together as a city of refuge to provide access to shelter, food, and water (basic human rights) for these members of our community while they enter a path towards self-sufficiency or continued support, and educate ourselves to prevent the normalization of homelessness. As a united city of San Francisco we can work collaboratively to connect existing services and find gaps wherein services can be improved or created on a path to ensuring homelessness is one time and short. 

I acknowledge that the systemic issues of homelessness, mental disease and addiction go hand in hand. In order to fix one, all must be addressed; thus, I will educate myself about the overlap of these issues to develop a deeper sense of empathy for their occurrence because I want to make the world a better place for all.

I pledge to contribute my part in human-centered design thinking and problem solving to minimize the duration and impact of homelessness.

I stand with the Council of Love to achieve these goals because I believe that:
1. Homelessness and poverty can be solved.
2. When we ignore those who are suffering, we all suffer. Our entire community must be a part of the solution.
3. Every resident of the City has a stake in preventing homelessness and supporting those who are experiencing poverty and homelessness.
4. We can serve as a national leader in ending homelessness.

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