The PrimeMinister & Rowan Hillson
United Kingdom

Type 1 Diabetes is a very complex condition which requires 24 hour care 7 days a week. There is technology out there that can help support people living with the condition. However depending on where you live in the UK depends on how accessible Insulin Pumps & Continuous Glucose Sensors are to people with Type 1. I have a network of over 350 friends who all are directly affected by Type 1.

The common theme on many occasions is little or no access to Technology. I believe in Patient informed choice. This is currently not the case. This needs to change. Please help support this petition.

This is a petition started by people living with this condition each and every day.

Together we can raise awareness and have equality.

We the undersigned demand equal access to Insulin Pump Therapy and Continuous Glucose Sensors across the UK.

The Post Code Lottery Must End! Please listen to us, each and everyone of the people that have signed this petition are directly affect by type 1 Diabetes.

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