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Hi my name is Brenda Odovichuc and I am a two year survivor of stage 4 breast cancer. From the moment I found a lump in my breast on August 11, 2008 at the age of 31, I have been stage 4 (not curable). To date I have undergone a lumpectomy, 20 treatments of radiation, 14 rounds of chemotherapy, 26 treatments of targeted Her2 therapy, 3 different hormone therapies, and I have had had my ovaries removed. And yes, I have been bald twice.

I have a desire to live! As long as my oncologist tells me to keep fighting I will. I want a chance to continue living my life until God calls me home.

Asking for help has never been something I have been comfortable with. But today I am here not only for myself, but for those who are also in my situation, and to help improve the situation for those who follow me.

For the past 3 months I have been undergoing a treatment of chemotherapy called Xeloda with a targeted Her2 drug called Tykerb. Tykerb is just recently out of trial and available for prescription. Prior to this treatment all of my cancer treatments have been fully funded by the Alberta government, but for the first time the government does not provide any funding for this brand-new- to-market specialty drug. A 30 day supply costs $3,496.57!!!!!!

I am very thankful to have some private insurance coverage, but with a drug like this being claimed, a small company’s drug plan will crumble.

Tykerb is currently fully funded in the province of Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia. My hope is that I can create enough pressure on our government to also cover this new and other life preserving targeted therapies.

Please help me in my cause by signing a petition today.

We, the undersigned residents of Alberta, petition the Alberta government to improve the availability and coverage of new targeted breast cancer treatments.

In Brenda Odovichuc’s case, she is 33 years old and a two year survivor of stage 4 Her2 positive breast cancer. Her current treatment of Xeloda/Tykerb is not fully funded by Alberta Health and Wellness and is only partially covered by private health insurance. Because Tykerb is fully funded in Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia, we urge Alberta Health and Wellness to fully cover new targeted breast cancer treatments, such as Tykerb.

We also request Alberta actively research and provide TDM1 for Her2 positive patients when Herceptin and Tykerb are no longer options.

Alberta should be the leader in cancer research and provide full coverage for proven cancer treatments!


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