#Local Government
Councils, state and federal government members

Many residents along The Georges River in Epsom Road, Chipping Norton are seriously affected by the foreshore / river bank erosion.

Some families are in danger of losing their land and some homes are under serious threat yet Liverpool Council are denying responsibility and refusing to be accountable for their past disastrous decision making.

The Council allowed the building line to be moved closer to the water line and approved the developer's application for maximum numbers of dwellings per block of land without any re-enforcement of the river bank being done.

They are unable to produce any geotechnical and engineering certificates to support their approval of the development application.

Council owe a duty to consider foreshore erosion and it has breached that duty by approving the development of the properties in an area close to the foreshore liable to erosion.

We, the undersigned call on Liverpool Council / Local Government to take responsibility and be accountable for their past wrong doing and show a duty of care for their rate payer's safety and livelihood.

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