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FPL has a corridor through the Everglades National Park Addition lands where they would like to run high-voltage powerlines. NPS can take back the land through eminent domain.

ENP; Everglades National Park, or Electric National Park?

If they have their way, FPL would run 150’ tall, high-voltage transmission lines through Everglades National Park.

Aside from the negative visual aspects of high-voltage lines and unsightly towers, the long term effects of electro-magnetic fields and sound generated by high-voltage power transmission lines on people and the environment have yet to be determined; a National Park is no place to conduct an experiment.

FPL thinks that either this scenario or a land swap for a strip of land on the eastern border of the ENP is the way to bring power north from Turkey Point, but there are viable alternatives that haven’t been considered.
Please sign this petition to let Florida Power and Light and the National Park Service know that we don’t want powerlines in our National Parks.

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