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It appears, yet again, 12s, that Marshawn Lynch is being targeted for "failure to speak with the media". I encourage you to research the NFL's media policy. I have never in my life seen a legal binding contract so vague that there is no written explanation regarding what "cooperating with the media" means. Being fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for responding with repetitive one word answers is not against their policy! This section needs revised!

Please help me get the NFL's attention and force them to address this issue! We are loud and proud and CAN be heard! The NFL makes millions of dollars because we watch! Because we wear our gear with pride! I feel we owe it to Beast Mode to stand up for him after everything he gives us and puts his body through, along with so many other athletes! If you want to fine someone this kind of money for not giving the fans (which we are the excuse for these fines, by the way) time in front of the camera, then it needs to be specifically stated in detail what "cooperating with the media" means. This policy does not do that.

We have established that Lynch does not have anxiety and as I have stated that is NOT what I implied. But some of these athletes do, and as you can see from the attention not only Lynch's responses received from athletes from several sports as well as the conversation this petition created? We need to make our voices heard! We need to make these suits in charge recognize and respect everyone's right to decline comment. There's just too many other guys willing to talk to continue this any further!

January 15, 2015

To clear up any confusion anyone may have, I'd like to take a moment and clarify TO EVERYONE a couple of concerns I have:

Number one, I am not a doctor. I do not have a medical degree in any way.

Number two, I did not intend to insinuate that Marshawn Lynch has an “anxiety disorder” if he in fact does not and I apologize if anyone thinks that is what I said or meant in my petition. I simply made an observation based on the way he reacts to the media in his interviews. To me, it's clearly obvious he is having discomfort, but again, that is only my observation and opinion.

Number three, every word in this petition is written by myself, Wendi Bromlie, and in no way was instigated by Marshawn Lynch, his family, the Seattle Seahawks organization or its players.

Number four, while the discussion of all of this has been about Mr. Lynch, my intent was to help all NFL players because of what's happening to Marshawn Lynch. I want to clarify that I am not seeking special attention for Marshawn Lynch alone. I truly feel that this should not be happening to anyone for any reason.

Thank you all for your support!

~Wendi Bromlie

As a 12, I am calling on the NFL to revise its media policy so that all players are given equal and fair rights as a human being without fear of financial intimidation.

As a fan, I have witnessed enough harassment and undeserving consequences regarding Marshawn Lynch due to his very obvious anxiety interacting with the media. I feel, and many agree, that what you are doing is wrong. You advocate against bullying and domestic violence, but force your players into uncomfortable situations? With a fine attached? There are other players willing to talk to the media and it should be a personal choice.

Your rules state "Reasonable cooperation with the news media is essential to the continuing popularity of our game and its players and coaches." I don't feel your rules are reasonable as they read currently, considering the only benefit "popularity" wise the NFL gets by bullying Marshawn is money out of his paycheck. This is not ok. And it needs to change because its unnecessary and cruel, as well as hypocritical.

Enough is enough!

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