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Following the Prime Minister’s announcement of his commitment to deliver “English votes for English laws”, I am writing to ask whether you will help me push for this to become reality before the General Election.

Currently we are in a situation where Scottish MPs can vote on matters concerning a whole host of matters, from Education to Health, knowing their vote will have no effect on their own constituents.

There are so many things that are wrong with the current situation, it is difficult to pick an example of what is worse - perhaps the fact that English Uni aged students are discriminated against in Scotland sums it up. English students attending Scottish Universities have to pay tuition fees, Scottish students do not.

The money that allows Scotland to give its students such preferential treatment comes from (in large part) England. This can not be right.

Hence there is a large national campaign that I am heading up in my constituency to push for, at the very least, a change that would mean only Members of Parliament from English constituencies vote on matters that only effect English constituencies.

One feature of the campaign is the collection and coordinated presentation to Parliament of petitions expressing popular support for this proposal from constituencies across England.

If you are a resident in my constituency, I would appreciate it if you would consider adding your name to the petition.

The Petition of the residents of relevant Constituencies,

Declares that the Petitioners believe that when Parliament makes decisions affecting only the people of certain countries of the United Kingdom then those decisions should be made only by the Members of Parliament elected to represent those particular countries; and

Further notes that Members of Parliament representing Scottish constituencies are entitled to vote on issues where responsibility has already been devolved to the Scottish Parliament, and that devolution is being extended further following the Scottish independence referendum.

The Petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons creates fairness in the devolution settlement by ensuring decisions having a separate and distinct effect on certain countries of the United Kingdom, are decided only by the Members of Parliament elected to represent these particular countries.

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