Mayor Jerry Sanders and San Diego water providers
United States of America

It is widely known that fluoride in tooth paste is poisonous if swallowed, it says on the warning label to call poison control if more than is used to brush is swallowed.

So it is highly unethical and dangerous to the citizens of San Diego County to ingest fluoride in the water that is piped into our homes.

Fluoridated water doesn't have any real contact with teeth in the first place so it will not have a protective effect on teeth. In reality when ingested, especially by young children can harmful to the health.

Fluoridation of the water when ingested causes fluorosis, a decay of the teeth, as well as kidney disease, cancer, and effects on the brain such as alzheimers disease.

Fluoride is an excess waste from manufacturing aluminum and nuclear power plants, it is corrosive and toxic, it should not be put into the public water supply.

We, the undersigned, call upon Mayor Jerry Sanders and the water supply companies: The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Skinner Water Treatment Plant and future water suppliers to San Diego County to stop all activities that include putting fluoride into water for consumption.

Fluoride is a toxic poison that causes damage to the health of people when ingested. We ask for a thorough review by San Diego City Council as well as Mayor Jerry Sanders and the water supply companies that supply water for San Diego County to read, acknowledge and abide by the National Dental Research report by removing fluoride from the water supply.

The National Dental Research Report provided by The Fluoride Action Network, in which provides the documentation on the damaging health effects of fluoride ingestion researched by a large array of educated and trained science professionals.

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