#Law Reform
Department of Human Resources Child Suport Division
United States of America

The Alabama DHR has outlined guidelines for its Child Support Law for which it does not conform to. This Department is selling the idea that they will help you in collecting/enforcing support orders that have been established.

This Department is limited in actions pursued in helping you. The guidelines clearly state what courses of actions will be taken, if the Non custodial parent fails to meet obligations, but these actions are often not pursued without the help of a private entity.

We, the undersigned, call on the Alabama Child Support Division to take immediate actions in the reconstruction of the Alabama Child Support collection measures, and Laws.

Help Us To Get The Support That Is Due. For Our Children

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The Enforcement of The Alabama Child Support Laws petition to Department of Human Resources Child Suport Division was written by Shoshunda Williams and is in the category Law Reform at GoPetition.