#Children's Rights
Santa Rosa County School Board
United States of America

There is an increasing need for a Zero Tolerance for Bullying Policy to be put in place and enforced in Santa Rosa County. Too many children are being bullied, and child suicide rate is climbing due to uncontrolled bulling.

The question of the need for this policy is answered by every bruise, every tear shed, and every word a bullied child must endure! As the Tax Payers, Professionals, Residents of Santa Rosa County; and as the Parents, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and Guardians of Children in the Santa Rosa County School District it is our duty and desire to see this change happen!

I (the undersigned) call on the Santa Rosa County School Board, Officials, Education Professionals, Teachers, School Volunteers, Parents and Guardians to educate our Children on the devastating effects of bullying.

To place and uphold a zero tolerance policy in all Santa Rosa County Schools!

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