Driving Under The Influence of Drugs/Alcohol
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My Name is Matthew Fernando.
I as a young teen/adult growing up in Lake Forest, Believe that there is not enough public awareness of drinking and driving under the influence in our everyday lives..

Correct: We hear and discuss it at school.

The truth of that matter is, that from first hand experience (I am from graduating class of 2007). When young adults are around their friends learning about it at school they make light of it and make fun of it.. to keep up with their rebellious reputations at school and honestly its annoying to me how they react about it at school. Also, they tend not to listen because they in the back of their minds, don’t even want to be at school in the first place so they tend to just think of "drinking and driving" as just another history lesson or math equation that they have no ambition for.
I'm not saying all students but a lot of them do.

I wish there could be more about drinking and driving where in our everyday lives take place, so that it doesn’t become just another lesson in school. But a reality in our everyday lives..whether it be in a parking lot or around fast food areas that kids and even adults go to late at night or any other time throughout the day.. Because from first hand experience .. when I am driving alone. That is time where I think to myself about me and my feelings
And sometimes I think about things that I see.
And if someone (that’s all it takes) sees a sign when they are alone; that quote
AGAINST drinking and driving or while driving under the influence.. they WILL think about it and it WILL be distilled in their minds.

Please everyone.
Think of your loved ones..your kids, your cousins, brothers and sisters, your parents, your students, everyone in your life.

I know you would rather have someone call you for a ride at three in the morning, than have to drive to the hospital at three in the morning to say goodbye.

We, the undersigned, call on the city of Lake Forest, to have some sort of enforced awareness to represent all citizens and visitors of our city to NOT drive under the influence.

Doing so with pamphlets at local markets, gas stations etc. and PERMANENT SIGNS installed on public roads, parking lots,and parks etc, just as they have for speed limits, road markings, stop signs etc.

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