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COVID-19, as you all know, has impacted our lives one way or another. Anyone can contract this virus regardless of race or ethnicity. The most vulnerable group at hand that are susceptible to contract the virus as of right now are older adults as well as other people of any age who have any serious underlying medical conditions. It is public knowledge that those who have this virus may not necessarily display symptoms at once, meaning individuals can be carriers and put others around them at risk. On March 19, Gov. Gavin Newsom became the first governor to set mandatory stay-at-home restrictions to help combat the coronavirus. Since the order went into effect, all nonessential services such as dine-in restaurants, bars, gyms, and convention centers have been shut down. Essential services, such as grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, food banks, convenience stores, and delivery restaurants, have remained open.

While the order is not being enforced by police, Newsom urged all Californians to stay at home. Residents who need to leave home to take part in essential activities are advised to practice social distancing. However, this Petition exists to advocate for an enforced order, with repercussions such as fines to those who disobey. By signing this petition you agree that during these times of a Pandemic Crisis we, as members of this society come together and agree that strict rules are needed to be enforced in order to successfully get through this Global Crisis.

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