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Last year I informed my car insurance company of some scratches found on my car. I did so as you are legally obliged to inform your insurance provider of any damage to your vehicle. I stated during the phone call that I did not know when it happened, where it happened and that I do not wish to claim for the damage.

I did not know about the CUE database back then. I do now, the CUE database is a nationwide database that was created in 1994. Its purpose was to keep a record of all motor insurance claims. Over time car insurance companies have started to add details of every incident and accident you notify them of to the CUE database, regardless if you made a claim or not. Even if you are involved in an accident that is not your fault, your details will be added to the CUE database.

When you take out new car insurance your premium is now calculated using the data on the CUE database. The more times you appear on there, the more expensive your car insurance quote will be.

My car insurance has now risen by 100%.

Scrolling through the internet, I have found hundreds of forums, complaints, news articles discussing this. It needs to be addressed. Car insurance companies should not be allowed to get away with this injustice.

Back in 2012 a petition was taken to Parliament to stop the price difference relating to gender; Men having more expensive policies to Women. That law was passed, this can be too!

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