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I don't really have any history but I do know that my school is the worst school in the Pinellas county in Florida. We have had the most referrals, suspentions, principal's dententions, and the most people going to jail and that's just within two months.

I think that it is important for my voice to be heard. Even though I am just a thirteen year old girl I still have a voice and my voice WILL be heard wether its through the internet or my fellow peers. My voice is just as important as anybody else's and I wont leave until something is done.

The school rules are not being followed and I don't think that's right. There are teachers walking around doing absolutley nothing about it and it's just flat out ridiculous. Boys are walking around school wearing their pants down to their wastes and their boxers showing. I had a friend who came to me and told me that a guy had followed her into the girls' bathroom and then she went in a stall and he came up underneath the stall.

I am scared to walk around school grounds alone. I do not feel safe and I dont think that is how my school wants me to feel but their not doing anything about it but I will. I want to be in a school where I can not only learn but feel safe at the same time. My parents want me to switch schools but I dont want to because I have friends there who love and care about me and I just can't get up, walk away, and leave. It's not that easy.

On behalf of my whole school we say that were gonna take a stand in this and stand up for whats right and were not gonna sit down until our voice is heard!!

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