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I have an idea to put this country back on track. The plan is to get the country energy independent and pave the road for a hydrogen fuel based economy. The plan is as follows:

1. Build Synthesis plants at every major coal reserve area, both low and high sulfur, as impurities are removed through synthesis process. This will be done with Federal Reserve money.

2. At least one tank at every facility will have to designate that tank for synthetic gas and one for synthetic diesel if diesel is sold there. Government assistance will be incorporated for this through the means of Federal Reserve funds.

3. Army core of engineers will be involved in the major stages of development as this is an existing entity within the government along with private enterprise, AKA major oil industries that want to participate. Several oil companies, such as Shell, BP, Exon Mobile, want this to happen, because there is a great deal less taxation on synthetic fuels.

4. Utilizing synthetic fuels will reduce pollution by 50% in every major US city, as impurities are removed from the fuel during synthesis process. These impurities are all by-products that the companies can make money off of as there is a market for everything produced. Begin global distribution of synthetic gas and diesel.

5. After establishment of global enterprising, mass production of solar energy panels will be paid for through the massive amount of profit margins gained. Lets turn our deserts into solar arrays. The synthetic fuels is a critical stepping stone in ensuring profitable means to which to pay for the road to the hydrogen fuel based economy.

6. Begin production of hydrogen plants in coastal regions as the natural ocean water is ideal for the ionization to enable use to produce hydrogen by electrolysis out of water. Infrastructure will follow suit and will enable us to become a global energy supplier of hydrogen, the fuel of the future. This will allow fuel cell cars to be cost effective. This will also allow future generations to not have to inherit the problem. We will profit hugely from doing this.

To get there we need petitions going on at every Wal Mart, Kroger, every place that we think a great deal of people go so that we can get enough signatures to enable us to lobby congress into making this happen. I know that I cannot due this alone and that there will have to be donation cans at these places of the petitioning so that we can get the word out to more people. These donations will be used for the purposes of advertising campaigns for the Energy Independence effort.

There is a sense of urgency on this matter as the ever encroachment of high fuel costs is taking a huge toll on the economy. You see, you cannot solve problems without finding the root cause, would you agree? I have found the root cause of economic problems in this country and know it is due to the high cost of energy. Historically since the dawn of the industrial revolution any time we have had it good, the majority of the populas, it is a direct result of cheap reliable energy. I know that by doing this, we could reduce the price of fuel back down to 1.25 per gallon within three years, given things go according to plan. This will reduce the cost of shipping and mainly, most importantly the cost of production of goods and services in this country. What that means is that we are far more competitive in the global economy. I need your assistance in this effort as we need to act fast!

Yours Faithfully,
Matthew W. Packebush

"We, the people of this great nation, call upon the house of Congress to have a vote to enable the country to become energy independent on synthetic fuels and pave the road for a hydrogen fuel based economy."

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