#Human Rights
Canadian and Salvadoran Governments

On May 5th 2010 IRB (Immigration and Refugee Board) of Canada issued a deportation order against Jose Figueroa, a father of 3 canadian born children who has lived in Canada since May 1997.

The deportation order is based on a Section 34.(1) of the IRPA which states a broad definition of terrorism and membership. This definition of terrorism has been arbitrarily applied to FMLN, the current democratically elected goverment of El Salvador with which the Canadian Government mantains diplomatic relationships.

This seems to be a clerical error made by CBSA officers who have not considered important factors from the Salvadoran reality. If this is clerical error then it should be an easy fix tending to minimize the hardship that the Figueroa family has endure for the last 13 years.

We, the undersigned, call on the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency preparedness, the Minister of Immigration, to give a positive decision to the applications that had been made by the Jose Figueroa based on Section 25 and Section 34.(2) of the IRPA; on the Prime Minister and Members of Parliament of Canada, to find a definite conclusion on the categorization of FMLN as a terrorist organization so that this could avoid the domino effect that such categorization implies for Canada's International Relations with El Salvador.

We, the undersigned, call on the Salvadoran government to stand on its constitutional obligations to stand beside its citizens abroad, and apply before the Minister of Public Safety of Canada, to be excluded from any sort of internal list within CBSA if that is the case, this application should be based on the exclusion provisions contained in the Criminal Code of Canada.

We the undersigned, support the rights of the family and especially the rights of Canadian born children, as contained in the international conventions that protect those rights.

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