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CUSD200 and the Wheaton City Council
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The Wheaton Park District has delivered a comprehensive option for the redevelopment of the Old Hubble site. This community vision for the future presents a clear WIN-WIN-WIN option for CUSD200, the WPD and the City of Wheaton.

The WPD proposal would preserve community programs and recreational activities, create revenue for local schools, generate tax revenue for Wheaton area, beautify the neighborhood and enhance the quality of life for Wheaton residents and create a landscaped passage to historic downtown.

For decades the site’s playing fields and gymnasiums have provided tens of thousands of user hours for community programs, recreation activities and athletic leagues. Without use of these indoor and outdoor facilities, the Wheaton Park District would be forced to
significantly reduce services and programs or seek additional facilities and land options.

The site is an invaluable asset to our community and should serve as a gateway to draw people downtown. The economic component of this plan connects consumers and visitors into historic downtown by way of an attractive gateway, fits current marketplace demand for suitable development, includes light, commerical development that would only add to the area’s tax base and existing downtown business district and encourages foot traffic between the park facilities and local downtown businesses.

Unfortunately, CUSD200 has not taken this comprehensive plan by the WPD seriously and has summarily dismissed it by minimizing its' true value to the community at large.

Let's show CUSD200 that there is overwhelming support for the WPD redevelopment plan and that they shouldn't take this proposal lightly!

Visit http://www.wheatonparkdistrict.com/pgs/parks/hubble_updates.html
for full details on the WPD plan for the site.

We, the undersigned, call on CUSD200 to stop the sealed bid auction currently planned for the Old Hubble site and endorse the Wheaton Park District's comprehensive redevelopment proposal for the Old Hubble site.

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