#Animal Rights
International Whaling Commission

Every year, the Japanese government plans to hunt thousands of whales, driving them to near extinction. They practise barbaric ways of whaling, using grenade tipped harpoons which bury themselves in these innocent creatures, drag the thrashing whale from the water onto the wahling ship, where they are to be cut up for meat in restaurants.

The truth is, Japan can sustain themselves without whaling. Yet, why they continue this murder under the façade if science is highly dispicable.
However, not only has the government ignored protests, but they have ignored their own country, which has proved that they are against whaling as well.

Whales are beautiful creatures, and I don't believe any of us can imagine an ocean without them.

We, the undersigned, ask of the International Whaling Commission to put a total ban on whaling and pressure the Japanese Government to end this illegal slaughter of whales.

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