#Animal Rights
President, George W. Bush
United States of America

E.V.A.S is a newly started group, mainly for people to help prevent the reoccurring deaths of abusive slaughtering. We want to stop such things, promote Vegetarianism, and maybe get a few animal lives spared. E.V.A.S stands for "End Vicious Animal Slaughterings."

Today in the USA, chickens are raised and killed for meat, about 9 billion or so. And 245 million hens, for eggs. New born baby chicks have their beaks removed with pliers, while they are conscious, with no painkillers. They are probably the most abused animals on the face of the earth. Chickens are grown to over sized rates, exceeding its natural form. They are given steroids to enlarge them, and are tricked into believing they need to eat more, with the help of artificial lighting. It is very cruel what is being done to these poor creatures, and they don't even get too live long enough to know it. When they are tired, they are electrically shocked, so they will produce more eggs. Before proceeding in slaughtering the chickens, they are hung upside down in bars, after being thrown out of the crates from a truck. Which would result painfully in further leg injuries. They have their throats slit open by machines, are then thrown into steaming hot water for feather removal, sometimes while still conscious.

Around 80 million turkeys are slaughtered to be put on your dinner table. 40 million at Thanksgiving, 20 million at Christmas, and 19 million at Easter. To keep these uncomfortable birds from pecking each other out of stress, they cut off pieces of the birds' toes and upper beaks with steaming blades. When they arrive to the slaughterhouse, they get hung upside-down by their legs and are dragged through and electrified, which paralyzes them but does not end their lives. Many birds dodge this and are still alive when their throats are cut. Afterwards they are burned alive in the tank of steaming water used to remove their feathers.

About 6 million pigs are killed in the United States alone. Because they are often overly crowded, they result to eating each other and biting off each other's tail. The farmers cut off the tails of the pigs using pliers, and the ends of their teeth as well. They also rip out pieces of the animals' ears in order to identify the owner. This is all done without painkillers or drugs.

Yearly, cows are impregnated to produce milk for humans. If not, there would be no milk. They are chained to the stalls from around their necks, barely able to move around, or get comfortable. Cows and humans give milk to their offspring when born, but cows have no chance too. Their offspring is taken away the day it is born. Sometimes, when cows are being cut open in the slaughterhouse, their newborn falls out, from within the stomach of its mother.

So please, sign this petition. Maybe you won't exactly give up meat and dairy, but it's still going to help.
Danielle K. and Louis B. have started such a petition in desperate search for signatures, to stop the madness of animals being abused when slaughtered. Started on December 11th, 2004, and will continue on.

We, the undersigned, petition to stop the madness of animals being abused when slaughtered. We wish to end vicious animal slaughterings.

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