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Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti

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I have a question for you:

Are you tired of traffic? Are you tired of the noise and congestion? of sitting through the rush hour or the long commutes behind a wheel? Are you tired of exhaust and road rage? of continually repairing your vehicle?

Are you tired of not having a vehicle? of passing up on opportunities because there's no public option to arrive there on time and a $40 Uber just isn't worth it? Are you tired of being creeped on by other Lyft riders in the back seat of a stranger's sedan?

How about searching for wherever you had parked your car three days ago when you're already running late? Are you tired of the endless sea of machinery that rolls up on the shores of your city sidewalks? of inhaling silica dust from the neverending repair of roadways?

Are you tired of bending fenders and losing loved ones to drunk drivers? tired of living under a polluted atmosphere and watching the slow shattering in the circle of life beneath your feet?

Are you tired of traffic?

What if you never had to drive again?

What if none of us ever had to drive again?

What if we didn't need to give up on anything to do so?

Now—by taking a ride on Anu Bus ( https://youtu.be/OiouU7a9VV0 )—this reality is very nearby.

Read along: https://medium.com/@yourgaragetwitter/anu-bus-4409b88374c5

Yes, you could still have your own car ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaEM4JYFPfw ).

Anu Bus is an urban center transit solution to traffic.

Anu Bus is a wide open door to the open road.

Everything we need is invented and in use.

It only needs to be organized.

We can do this.

I need your support. No one person can make this happen. It will take the the cooperation of entire cities, and each unique city that commits to this system's design must find success in its own particular way. Be sure that, if you live in a metropolitan region or a city with dense roadway traffic, this concept has a very promising applicability to yours and the lives of those around you.

Informed by my own research and discussions with those around me, I have developed this presentation alone. Further insight is bound to arise and improvements will be found. These will come about in the discourse and debate that follows. If your considerations deem this pursuit worthwhile, your approval and comments can be submitted for the recognition and review of the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, through this petition. 

L.A. is notorious for having some of the worst traffic congestion in the world, and they're in danger of being led down a very foolish and expensive path by Elon Musk in trusting his vision of an underground network of automobile conveyors. A much simpler path is available to a total transit solution, completely free from traffic congestion at a lower cost than even current operations, but this possibility will never emerge without intention nor through chance, market forces. It must be decided upon by citizens and elected officials of the city.

The opportunity needs to be seen and taken advantage of or the city will waste hundreds of millions—if not billions—of dollars to see a minor improvement on a disaster; but it doesn't end with Los Angeles, as there is no distinction in the plausibility of this concept for any city that suffers from traffic congestion. I intend to personally notify the mayors of every major city upon the success of this petition, though I hope that it already has gained their notice by then.

As you fill out and sign the petition, I encourage you to leave comments, critiques, thoughts, and ideas in response to what I have presented. Roadways are enormous in size and vary widely in their use, and I have only my experience and perspective. The goal, here, is to succeed at a better world of transit and city life; not to be heard as absolutely correct or idealistic. My hope is for cleaner and quieter environments, accessible and equitable societies, safer and healthier mobility, and to stop driving with the end of traffic. I, again, encourage your response in any manner, as this is just the beginning of the project and it would certainly benefit from the fresh perspectives of concerned and knowledgeable minds. If you would like to communicate with me, I will be active on Twitter, @anu_bus. https://twitter.com/anu_bus?s=09 
If you would like to help this project beyond a signature for the petition, please forward this message to share with those you have in your contacts. I've also made it easy to share directly on Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=116740079750034&id=103568447733864&__tn__=K-R ). We need the idea to be heard as widely as possible, so—with your influence—start a conversation.

I would greatly appreciate the efforts of artists in rendering visualizations of the concept in operation. At best—for now—I can offer you this advertisement ( https://youtu.be/hzGyIDC0pWs ) from Chicago Motor Coach, which portrays standard conditions of the coachbus vehicle type that is central to the plausibility of the design.

The attention of programmers and communication technicians would also be invaluable, as the dispatching system would need to seamlessly integrate a wide array of devices—from stationary call boxes at parking lots, garages, or roadside stations; automated telephone prompters; and the electronic platforms of various operating systems, mobile applications, and web-browsers—to eventually place all ride requests into a regional-specific map and combine concurrent routes to a unique itinerary for each operational vehicle. This is not far beyond what is already being done by Uber and Lyft, but the extra mile needs to be gone, such that there are as few barriers in accessing the service as possible and so that necessary options can be made available—like the request of a wheelchair lift or advanced scheduling.

Again, please, share and forward this message to your fullest capabilities. There is no one who is not affected by the issues of traffic, and it will require the approval and voices of many to succeed in manifesting a solution. Every minute that passes will hear over a trillion explosions from the firing pistons of automobile engines and will see many lives risked needlessly. The state of roadway transit can no longer be conceded to such destructive patterns; not when the same can be achieved for far less. There is much to be done, and we must get started.

Thank you.

We, the undersigned, call on the elected officials of metropolitan cities to review, consider, and pursue the concept of Anu Bus, presented here ( https://youtu.be/OiouU7a9VV0 ) and transcribed here ( https://medium.com/@yourgaragetwitter/anu-bus-4409b88374c5 ).

Roadway transit has been allowed to develop carelessly, resulting in an extremely inefficient use of the limited volume of roadways. Traffic is degrading our lives and is threatening the health and diversity of life on our planet. With technology that has recently come into use, there is a much simpler approach that we can take while achieving greater results with far fewer resources. It is our responsibility to recognize this possibility and take action to successfully implement what is required to operate the service.

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