#Human Rights
United Kingdom

The smoking ban in the UK has put many businesses out of business. This includes pubs, bars, bingo halls, and many more.

Smoking has always been a social thing, a pint and a cigarette, play bingo and have a cigarette etc.

Many thousands of people have stopped going to the pub as they do not want to stand out in all weathers, they do not want to end a conversation halfway through to go out into the street to smoke.

Smoking should be a choice and NOT a law. We need thousands of signatures to send to No. 10 Downing Street DEMANDING, not asking, for smoking to be resumed in pubs/clubs/bars/bingo halls etc

We, the undersigned, call on you, The Government to reverse the ban on smoking in pubs/clubs/bingo halls etc.
We feel that the ban is unfair, not only on a persons human rights but also very unfair on pub landlord/landladies, bingo companies and all businesses that have been severely affected by the ban.

The United Kingdom is supposed to be a 'free country', we do not find being banned from our social pleasures a 'free choice'.

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