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PM Gordon Brown the British Government
United Kingdom

In the near future the British Government will debate and decide the future of the current restrictions imposed on the labour market to Romanian workers. One year ago, Roman in UK newspaper launched and conducted a petition called “ Stop the discrimination of the Romanians in the UK ! We request the right to work !“ The petition, signed by 2052 Romanians and friends of the Romanians in the UK was filed at the residence of the British prime minister.

As a consequence of the many difficult strains Romanians in Britain still face due to the restrictions, Roman in UK newspaper together with www.romaninuk.net and www.romani.co.uk have launched a fresh campaign as of the 2nd of September, “Romanians in the UK- Equal citizens of the European Union !"

We ask the Government to abolish the restrictions! The campaign will take place between the 2nd of September 2008 and 15th of October 2008 and will include promoting the petition amongst the Romanian Communities and its supporters and handing in the petition at 10 Downing Street. Also included in the campaign are dialogues with representatives of the British parliament in aim of attracting their support for the removal of the restrictions.

The petition can be signed at the Roman in UK newspaper offices, at 110 Britannia House, 11 Glenthorne Road, London, W6 0LH,as well as at different locations in the Romanian community. Additional information regarding the petition can be found at the editorial’s office by phone: 020 8735 6524. The online version of the petition can be signed on www. This petition needs your support, and your signature is important in our approach.

We, the undersigned, as members of the Romanian community in the UK or their supporters, petition the British Government to end its current discriminatory system of restrictions against Romanian workers.

We note that the system of constraints makes Romanian workers targets for exploitation by unscrupulous employers and educational establishments. We further note the considerable cost to the British tax payer of administering these temporary restrictions.

In light of the very low number of Romanians who have come to the UK since 1 January 2007, as well as the reversing flow of workers from other member states, we urge the British Government and personally the Prime Minister Gordon Brown to abolish the unnecessary discrimination of its work permit regime, and allow Romanians the same chance to contribute fully to the UK economy as are afforded to other EU nationals.

The End the restrictions on Romanian workers in the UK petition to PM Gordon Brown the British Government was written by Cristina Irimie and is in the category Law Reform at GoPetition.