#Law Reform
The City of Corning, NY
United States of America

This petition covers what the city of Corning, NY refers to as the "Odd Even Alternate" parking regulation. This regulation requires residents and visitors to park on different sides of the street during particular hours of the day, and it changes every day.

Signs detailing this regulation are not posted on streets where it is enforced. Residents and Visitors are expected to somehow know about this regulation before parking in our city or noticed the sign as you enter town detailing which side of the street, during what hours, on which days you can park.

This wordy sign is located under another sign along a four-lane highway coming into town. The petition calls for the ending of the "Odd Even Alternate" regulation.

We the residents and visitors of Corning, NY request the City terminate the Odd Even Alternate Parking Regulation.

This regulation prevents us from parking in front of our own homes, limits parking availability, turns away new residents and visitors, and results in overly-excessive fines. This regulation hinders further the ability of the disabled and elderly to operate an automobile within our city.

Students as well as work-from-home and unemployed residents have the unreasonable expectation of constantly moving their automobiles even if they have no reason to leave their home in the course of a single day or longer.

Residents also experience the irrational expectation of moving their automobiles in cases of illness or weather related immobility, even at the risk of their own safety.

Residents without a driveway, garage, or other long term off-street parking options, are unfairly required to find a solution if they intend to leave town or for any reason cannot return home for more than one day.

As a suggestion for the few streets where parking on both sides would prevent or limit the traffic of snow plows, garbage trucks, and emergency vehicles, "No Parking" signs should be posted on one side of the street to keep these roads open.

We the signers of this petition no longer wish to receive fines, sacrifice everyday conveniences, and risk our safety by observing the Odd Even Alternate Parking Regulation.

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