#Animal Welfare
Elizabeth Truss MP
United Kingdom

We are asking for this petition to be considered in order to press this government for action to take immediate trade sanctions against nations, who are selling live animals and trading in wet meat, wild animal livestock in dreadful and cruel conditions. By asking for direct financial action to put animal welfare in the minds of trade negotiators within the WTO framework; we can apply pressure to remove the nasty trade seen in meat markets where standards are shockingly abusive and offer no bio-security to prevent the spread of viruses such as Corvid-19.

There are pertinent and valid reasons for asking for trade sanctions; from ensuring further meat based diet pandemic viruses are not spread to affect global health, to moving towards ending the cruelty within live meat markets across multiple identifiable nations. The novel coronavirus and the SARS outbreak of 2003 have two things in common: Both are from the coronavirus family, and both most likely started in wet markets. Those wet markets put people, live and dead animals such as dogs, chickens, pigs, snakes, civets, and more, in constant close contact. That makes it easy for zoonotic diseases to jump from animals to humans.

The evidence is clear that meat consumption can be attributed to the rise of several pandemics and epidemics of viruses centred from a variety of international and national locations.
Recent viruses fatal to humans from meat and dairy Consumption
Corona Corvid-19
Swine Flue

As many parts of the world are reducing dairy and meat consumption we could parallel this this as an opportunity to affect change in those nations that persistently abuse animals in their "livestock" handling and wet meat markets. Not only would this direct action protect our health from meat based viruses and diseases, it offers better global standards for animals under human governance therefore improving our global understanding of improving animal welfare.

We must keep in mind that lives are being lost due to the direct correlation of animal cruelty in meat markets and the spread of viruses.

It is sensible and applicable for our ministers to consider favouring trade sanctions to improve global standards for animal welfare (improving the lives of the poor animals affected) and therefor protect its citizens from further misery. Sanctions taken would also help protect our financial markets and infrastructure from future stresses, such as those we are likely to endure from the current fatal scenario of poorly managed bio-security derived health issues.

We the undersigned call on our government to initiate financial sanctions against businesses & nations who continue to trade in wild animal meats, wet meat markets and participate in demonstrably cruel livestock practices, both nationally and internationally. We make this call to drive a greater consideration of the lives of animals and to ensure that fatal viruses, spread through negligent live and wet meat trading markets comes to an end.

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