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The events currently taking place with congressmen at Capitol Hill is reminiscent to children's tantrums. You sirs were elected to be not only representatives, but also reasoning leaders an adults. One congressman stated the following, I'm just listening to my constituents, that is why I do this things. Meaning the boycotts of confirmation hearings. Well, sir let me tell you that you are listening to the loud minority and not paying attention to a silent majority that is paying attention attention and will not elect children to adult positions again. I urge you to do your Job and get this government going, with whichever president been elected by the people. Sirs, this is for both democrats and republicans.

We, the undersigned to demand that our representatives in congress begin doing the work for which they were elected. Te majority of the people, Republicans, Democrats, independents and conservatives, Maintain a reasonable balanced view of things, not to far left nor right. Therefore we urge both parties, Democrats and republicans, not to get so involved in extreme views of some loud minority that you disregard this majority who is closely paying attention at the events going on in Capitol Hill, and will not ever again elect immature children to positions of reasonable adults. You were not elected to like the president elected by the people, but to work with whatever president is elected on how to best serve the people.

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