#Civil Rights
Boris Johnson UK PM
United Kingdom

Covid 19 outbreak within the UK prompted Boris Johnson PM and his ministers, supported by Prince Charles to decide for the British People that a Great Reset will be put into place without consulting " We the people" of the UK. Without a democratic vote from the UK citizens. Evidence is clear that this was a pre- planned agreement with Klaus Swabb and Prince Charles who DO NOT speak for the people of this country. Common Law and the Magna Carta 2015 states that it's the rights of UK citizens to live a free life and have the ability to work and travel about freely and also have the freedom of free speech....or to chose and maintain bodily integrity...planned surveilance and the removal of peoples properties to the state is not an agreement or a decision made by the people but instead made by the government which pertains more towards a dictatorship. This petition is to Stop the Great Reset as "We do not consent".

I understand that this petition is to call on the UK government to stop the great reset...I do not consent and have never been consulted. I do not consent to giving up my civil liberties or rights to the UK government.
I an English Citizen did not vote and was never consulted as to if I want a great reset in the UK.
I have signed this petition to oject to a great reset.

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