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Stephen Harper & the Ministers in Parliament

It is an absolute disgrace that Agriculture Canada supports the slaughter of horses to be sold for human consumption in the name of the almighty dollar.

Canada's Dr. Brian Evans of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency states that Canada has strict laws and regulations that “animals are handled and transported humanely.” What is humane about double-decker transport trucks carrying horses sometimes for days, with no food or water, to their demise? Some of them don’t even make it there alive.

Horses have proven themselves to be therapeutic to children and adults alike with disabilities, children and women who have been abused; they’ve plowed our fields, they’ve round up our livestock, they’ve hauled our lumber, they’ve served on our Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and they are our pets – yet our government condones their slaughter? Horses have been domesticated just as dogs and cats have been for years now. This country supplies the European food market with horsemeat; does this mean that we will soon be supplying the Asian food market with cat and dog meat? Where does it end? This entire issue is appalling and disgraceful.

North American was built on the backs of horses and this is how we repay them? Horses are not and should not be auctioned to slaughterhouses for food. If any horse is not purchased by an individual wanting a horse at an auction, any horses left should be humanely euthanized by a Veterinarian on-site so that they are not purchased en masse by kill buyers and transported for slaughter. If these “pets and companions” (to quote Dr. Evans) need to be killed because of age or illness, they should be properly euthanized either by a Veterinarian or the SPCA.

Horses should not be eaten. HORSE SLAUGHTER MUST BE BANNED. It's sickening, it is barbaric and it must be stopped. We want the Canadian laws to change so that Horse Slaughter is outlawed as a criminal offence in this country.

For more information go to http://www.youtube.com and search horse slaughter in Canada.

We the undersigned, call on the Canadian Government to ban the slaughter of horses in Canada. Horses are currently being slaughtered Canada for Human Consumption, mostly for the European food market.

Whereas, If a horse or horses is/are not sold at auction it/they should be humanely euthanized by a registered veterinarian or the SPCA. They should not be transported en mass in stock trailers (which is inhumane in itself) to slaughterhouses.

Whereas, if equine slaughter is banned as it should be, and if illegal slaughterhouses are subsequently set up, the owners should be subject to criminal charges in Canada.

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