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Stop the quiet killing spree in India, China, and other countries that practice female infanticide and feticide.

It’s estimated that more than 45 countries on all continents in the past five years have enabled some form of gendercide. "Female infanticide is the intentional killing of baby girls due to the preference for male babies and from the low value associated with the birth of females." (Marina Porras, "Female Infanticide and Foeticide".) Both India, China, and the world are starting to acknowledge that gender selection is a crisis of epic proportions, one that has already seriously tilted the gender balance to favor boys; however the governmental laws to prohibit the practice in India and China have so far been ineffective.

This epic “disappearance” of girls in the last few decades is an underreported international scandal. Undisputed evidence exists that more than 100 million girls and women have been killed for the “crime” of being female since the 1970s and 1980s, and the problem is growing worse.

Where are the massive protests and outrage at the United Nations and among organizations that identify themselves as defending or representing females? This lack of public awareness and outcry to address the single biggest holocaust in human history is deplorable.

A recent study estimated that as many as 500,000 unborn girls are killed each year in India due to gender selection, and an estimated 10 million unborn girls have been killed over the past 20 years based upon gender preference. India now has the world’s lowest sex ratio because of this widespread gender selection practice. India is perhaps the only civilization that worships God in woman-form, but still doesn’t stop many countrymen from killing their own daughters. Earlier baby daughters are killed by smothering, making them lick poison, or simply by not feeding them in India and China.

The People's Republic of China has already committed an anti-female genocide on this scale--and the killing continues. Meanwhile, most of the world including the United States looks away, pretending not to see this massive destruction of human life.

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Build awareness and confront acts of gender-selective mass killing around the world by signing this petition.

Many believe that such atrocities against females constitute one of humanity's worst blight, and one of its utmost challenges of the 21st century.

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