#Consumer Affairs
The Corporation of The City of Windsor

a) 'Smart Meters' do not promote 'energy conservation'.

b) 'Smart Meters' are, and can be used in such a way that violates the privacy of every citizen under of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, specifically The Privacy Act.

c) 'Smart Meters' pose a possible serious long-term public health hazard using continuous radio-frequency radiation bursts (unlike cellular phone radiation).

d) 'Mandatory' installation of 'Smart Meters' is un-Constitutional, eliminating the citizens right of freedom of choice.

e) 'Smart Meter' installations have yielded irate customers throughout Ontario, Canada, and the United States who have noticed drastic increases in their energy bills, even without 'Time-of-Use' billing implemented. Leading to speculations of corporate profits under the guise of 'energy conservation'.

We the undersigned residents of Windsor, agree to post a moratorium on residents currently pending ‘Smart Meter’ installations, and we want the immediate removal of existing ‘Smart Meters’ from residents’ properties.

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