#Animal Rights
Procter & Gamble

In P&G's cosmetic & household product testing, caustic chemicals are forced into rabbits' eyes & applied to their raw, shaved skin. Laboratory workers lock the rabbits in restraining devices so they are unable to move while chemicals burn into their eyes & skin.

The rabbits are given no sedatives or pain killers to ease their suffering. They sometimes break their necks & backs in a desperate struggle to get away.

Those who survive are used again ... until they are finally killed.

P&G's innocent victims include rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, & ferrets.
Even thought these tests are not required by law.

P&G insists on continuing this torture.

P&G claims to be a world leader in researching humane testing methods.

But the reality is that P&G spends more money in seven days on advertising than it has spent in 11 years on alternatives to painful & lethal animal tests.

These cruel & unnecessary experiments are paid for with profits from the sales of P&G products.

Every bottle of Pantene or Dawn,
every tube of Crest, every packet of Tampax tampons, every box of Tide, Bounce or Bold, every roll of Bounty,
& every can of IAMS or Eukanuba that is purchased means more money for painful experiments.

We think you would agree-- going without P&G products is a small price to pay to end animal suffering.

Fortunately, there are many safe, effective & humane alternatives to P&G's Tide of Torture.

Hundreds of companies develop, manufacture & sell safe consumer products without animal testing.
They use newer, more effective methods such as human cell cultures, chemical tests & computer models or simply use the thousands of ingredients that have been in use for years.

Million of Americans choose to purchase their consumer products from companies that do not harm or kill animals.

By buying cruelty-free, you support the growing trend toward kinder & more effective saftey testing. You send a message to P&G that when they hurt animals, they hurt their profits.
Your purchasing decisions make a difference!

P&G says animal tests provide product saftey.

Physicians disagree.

"As an emergency room physician who has treated poisoning & exposures to dangerous products, I disagree with the contention that animal tests are necessary to determine the safety of cosmetic & household products.

Animal tests does not protect consumers from unsafe products. In my 15 years as an emergency room physician, I have never found the results of an animal test to be of any benefit in guiding the treatment of patients who have been poisoned.

Animal tests provide only the illusion of safety, because of the significant anatomical & physiological difference between animals & humans.

I call upon Procter & Gamble to join the ever-growing list of responsible companies that have declared an immediate moratorium on animal-based product testing."

-- Daniel Hart, M.D.,

We, the undersigned, want Procter & Gamble's cruel & unscientific animal testing to end.

We want the torturous animal tests to be permanently replaced with high-tech non-animal alternatives like chemical tests, computer models & human cell cultures, or by using the thousands of ingredients that have been in use for years.

We know that by buying any P&G product, we are contributing to animal suffering.

Therefore, we will boycott P&G & its products until the day that P&G refuses to conduct any tests that includes animals in any way.
P&G MUST end 100% of animal tests before we buy any products.

P&G is alienating itself from the thousands of people who find animal testing to be wasteful & unethical.

By eliminating animal tests, P&G would get back many consumers who have stopped purchasing their products due to its animal tests, & P&G would actually GAIN new customers.

By ending animal tests, not only would the animals benefit, but P&G would, also.

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