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Legislative Council of Victoria, Goverment of Victoria

The privatisation of Melbourne's trains and trams has been an expensive failure. Public subsidies have doubled since privatisation, fares have risen faster than inflation and services have not improved.

A privately run system costs $2.1 billion more in public subsidies than a publicly run system (as reported by the Victorian Auditor-General's Office).

Statistics published by the Department of Infrastructure, Public Transport Division (Track Record) show that in January to March 2007: the percentage of cancelled train service for this time was 2.1%. When the government was running the trains the proportion of late trains was steadily declining and train cancellations ranged from 0.3% to 0.6%. These performance results show that there is a difference of around 360 services cancelled.

We call on the state government not to extend, renew or tender the rail and tram franchises. We call on them instead to seize the opportunity to establish a dynamic, accountable public agency to run Melbourne's public transport.

We are issuing this plea because we believe the community has a right to a say in how its subsidy dollars are spent, and how its public transport should be run.

End privatisation of Melbourne's public transport system - Not to extend, renew or tender the rail or tram franchises.

Replace private franchisees with a new public transport agency modeled on the very best in the world.

Massively increase public transport funding to improve, integrate and extend all forms of public transport.

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