The Mayor of Karachi

Pollution is a big issue in the metropolitan city of Karachi, a majority of the pollution comes from heavy traffic, discharge of trash and sewerage, and the mixing of pipe water with drain water. Marine, water, and noise pollution are also major issues.

Pollution doesn't just affect the environment, it also deteriorates the health of Karachi's residents. Pollution is making them increasingly prone to anxiety, high blood pressure, and diseases like asthma, bronchitis, and stomach disease.

Currently, the local Government is making no efforts to resolve this inherent issue, and it is critical for it to be addressed.

My goal is to hit 2,000 signatures, if I achieve this goal, I will take this petition to Waseem Akhtar, the Mayor of Karachi. Once I hit 5,000 signatures, I will appeal to the national Government of Pakistan.

We, the undersigned call on the Mayor of Karachi and the national Government of Pakistan to take immediate action on the rising pollution in Karachi by maintaining landfills, picking up trash in the city, and banning solid waste burning.

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