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The Honorable Inspector General of Police. Nigeria

Nigerian Youths are being Assaulted,brutalized and extorted on daily basis all over the country. cases of police brutality often led by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) are on the increase and these incidents in some cases have escalated to the untimely deaths of some youths. Well documented examples include the fatal shooting of 36 year old Kolade Johnson on March 31,2019 in the Mangoro area of Lagos state. The gruesome killing of Tiamiyu Kazeem, a promising footballer of Remo Stars in the National league) in Sagamu, Ogun state on February 22,2020 and the recent killing of 21 year old Daniel Chibuike a rising musician murdered in cold blood on September 19,2020 by men of the Special Anti Robbery Squad in Elelenwo,Rivers State.

Sir, we are aware of your numerous directives, banning the operations of men of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (the most recent being the ban that was authorized and communicated on the 4th of October, 2020). But reality confirms that none of said bans have been effected or effective as your men continue to be a menace in our society, deploying the antics of armed robbers that they were charged to eradicate. As concerned and affected youths of Nigeria resident in River state, our demands are;

The dissolution of the Special Anti Robbery Squad and an overhaul and restructuring of the Nigerian police force. Officers regardless of the unit must be properly dressed in police uniforms at all times while on duty and forbidden from carrying out patrols or interrogation without correctly identifying themselves by way of an ID card and name tag or warrant.

The rule of law must be enforced and officers culpable of harassing and extorting young Nigerians must be dismissed and appropriately punished to the extent of the law.

All police officers must go under compulsory mental evaluation as well as a mandatory drug and alcohol test before resuming duty.

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